JMR Foundation to launch online social media training courses for riders and parents

New for 2022!

The JMR Foundation will be launching an online social media training course, which will consist of 6 x 15 minute videos. The course aims to provide tips on how to improve your social media profile. Delivered by an expert on social media, the course will help every rider make the most of their social platforms and grow their following.

We hear so many times “I can’t believe X didn’t get a ride – they’re such a great rider”. Of course, talent is hugely important but in an era where social media is so important, talent alone is, sadly, not enough.

In the past 10 years there has been an explosion of social media.  Whilst in the past, getting your name and result in Trials and Motocross News was your way to gain exposure, today social media provides a platform through which you can build your own profile.

If you’re a young rider looking to build results and get support, you are going to need a social media profile. Brands use social media to see if you’re marketable. Sponsors desire exposure to gain visits to their website. They want to invest in people whose profiles show they can be an asset to their brand.

Paul Irwin
Paul Irwin, off-road business development manager for Race FX Ltd

Paul Irwin, off-road business development manager for Race FX Ltd., one of the foundation’s supporters, said: One of the first places I look to find out more about a rider is social media. It’s not all about results or how big your following is. For me it’s how marketable are you, will you be able to provide me content worth sharing that will engage with our customers and are you a good role model for our sport.”

Before we launch the training in 2022, if you would like our tips on social media please drop us an e-mail [email protected] and make the subject ‘Social Media’.