Scott Empson
MD and Shareholder – Nevis

Scott Empson

Scott is MD and shareholder of Nevis, a leading UK motorcycle clothing and accessories importer/distributor, handling worldwide prestigious brands such as Dainese, Shark, Richa, TCX and Garmin amongst their exclusive portfolio.

Scott has over 20 years experience with Nevis, although his passion for motorcycles, and in particular motocross started way before then. Scott started schoolboy motocross at the age of seven, and progressed through to winning local championships and top 10 results at national level.

Retiring through injuries in his mid 20s, Scott started a family, who subsequently continued the passion with all children at some point competing in motocross racing. With family and friends, Scott still travels both the UK and Europe closely following the sport and attending races.

Scott lives in Hampshire and still actively visits the gym…, mainly to combat his likes of good food and good wine!