How To Build Your Rider Sponsorship

Building your rider sponsorship

Getting Sponsorship is never easy, lots of people are asking the same people for “Free Stuff”.

Whilst getting people to support your riding is tough there is definitely a right and wrong way to approach sponsors. Below is the formula Jude used and it’s one that worked for us.

Sponsorship is a two-way street; it’s a partnership. Sponsors will offer you something and in return you do something for them.

Think about your offer – be very clear what this is and deliver on it.

Below is a link to a letter that Jude used.  It was a template and clearly set out what he would offer a sponsor and what was required from the sponsor and what investment. Jude went above and beyond for his sponsors.

Remember they are likely to be bombard with sponsorship request, so make yours stand out from the rest.

Our advice is email the sponsor and attach the letter – perhaps we are old fashioned but this is more professional than a direct message on social. As your rider profile improves, and if results follow, then don’t be afraid to increase the investment required. Keep in contact with sponsors with race reports or social updates.  Make sure you’re keeping up your end of the bargain!

If you’re just starting out, think about who you can approach. Jude’s first sponsor was our local pub. We ate there, as a family, every Sunday night so it was a great partnership that stayed with him for 8-years. VAS, the garage that serviced our cars, were also one of the first on board. As his profile grew so he reached out to more sponsors. Eventually sponsors will contact you. Once you have one sponsor this helps other potential sponsors see that people are investing in you.


Every sponsor is different, of course, but here are some of the main things sponsors want:

  1. Brand visibility
  2. Their brand reflected well; that meets the values of their business
  3. Some may want content
  4. Brand ambassadors to promote their products
  5. Results
  6. Role models
VAS Works VW Audi Specialists
VAS Works, VW Audi Specialists, an early sponsor of Jude.


Logo on graphics is a very standard way of promoting your sponsors. Think about the positioning of their logo. Front number board and rad scoops are most likely to get seen. Think about whether you can ask for more investment for these positions. If you’re offering logos on graphics keep them fresh, keep them clean.  Take regular pictures of your bike and tag your sponsors when you post on your social channels.

Remember that if you take on a new sponsor and for £50.00 you’re offering their logo on your graphics if you have to re-print the graphics you’ll be out of pocket!

As mentioned previously, your social media accounts will be the first place a sponsor looks, so make sure they’re up to date and professional.

Sponsors logos on graphics
Sponsors logos on graphics


Logos on race shirts – again the chest area should be a premium area over sleeves. It is important to keep your race shirts clean and tidy, as with graphics make sure you add images to your social channels in your race shirts. Always wear a race shirt on the podium.

MX National podium
MX National podium


Products are often offered from companies as sponsorship.  As your profile grows think about the value of the offer. If a sponsor is offering you 10% off and in return you’re offering them a package with a value of £500.00 – how much would you need to spend with that sponsor to save £500.00? Jude would ask for an investment of X or products to that value. If you’re given product promote it.

Oakley Goggles - product placement
Oakley Goggles - product placement


Supply your sponsors with images of you in their product and/or action images showing their logo on your bike/shirts – this may be from a race, training or if you make the podium. Most sponsors want content for their own social channels. It helps raise your profile if they post on their channels!

One feature Jude offered his sponsors was “a meet the sponsor” post on his social. It allows the sponsor a post dedicated to them often it was taken at their business so a great opportunity to get their brand in, also it highlights the people in the company plus allows you to write a little about them.

Hopefully the above helps and offers a little more than simply you posting on Facebook saying “I’m looking for sponsors DM me”

Good luck!

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