Jude Morris Racing Foundation Riders Report 2023

Jude Morris Racing Foundation Riders Report 2023

In 2023 the Foundation selected seven riders to support throughout the race season and we asked each of them to reflect on how their MX season went.

Josh Vail

“Its been a totally unbelievable season for me, I’ve trained hard on and off the bike for the last couple of years with a dream of being a British champion. 2023 I only went and did it. Over the moon with the 85bw triple national wins and how well I’ve rode this year. I’d like to thank Mark, Lucy Georgie and the foundation for everything they put into me and the support to be the very best I could, from goggles to nutrition to mindset …. #JMR101 – this years for you Jude ❤️ ……. onto 2024 and the 125

Harley-Jax Marczak

“This year I set out with two goals to win the British Youth Championship and the Bridgestone British masters and I won both!

I started the year training hard with the RMJ academy and with a lot of help from my sponsors providing advice and products to help me on this journey.

My favourite tracks this year to ride have been schoolhouse & foxhills. It was my first ever time at foxhills and loved the track.

I have been to Romania this year competing in the worlds although my weekend didn’t go as well as it could have I still gained so much experience from this trip. Next up is the Coupe de l’Avenir and then I am moving up to the 85sw clsss I will be training hard all winter ready to race next year.

The Jmr foundation has helped me out massively throughout this journey. Always there for me behind the scenes and I really appreciate everything you have done for me.”

Jamie Currie

“This 2023 season was kickstarted with the Arenacross UK tour, which was amazing! Racing at the top UK Arenas, including Wembley in London. I loved every minute, and achieved a podium position of 3rd overall for the Junior class of the tour.

In April, Bridgestone British Nationals began at Preston Docks, probably the toughest track I’ve ever had to ride, and a lot was learned about sand riding!

The next couple of rounds were tough and a few mistakes cost me places. But it all came together at Culham mx in July, when I bagged my first podium photo with a 6th place overall. That was just what I needed, to believe that I can do this. I went on to get a 7th at Hawkstone Park, and a 4th for the last weekend at Foxhills.

These important points enabled me to come 7th overall in the Championship!

Thank you so much to the JMR Foundation for all your support and encouragement throughout the year.

I’ve had an awesome last year on my GasGas MC65, and now it’s time to move up to a small wheel 85cc. Time to start practicing!”

Finlee Pope

“My 2023 season has been a positive learning curve after stepping up on to the 65. Some of the highlights from this season has been competing in the indoor Arenacross British Championship taking me to arenas in Belfast, Aberdeen, Birmingham and Webley finishing 8th overall, winning the East of England challenge and currently leading the PJMC 65 class with one round remaining.

As the season comes to an end we are looking forward to the 2024, where we plan to compete at the Bridgestone, Revo and also look at going further a field and competing in Europe.

Thank you for the amazing support from the JMR Foundation.”

Riley Butterworth

“I am really happy with my first year on the sw85. I have secured some podiums at club level and I am looking forward to the last couple of fixtures with YMSA and I should hopefully finish in the top 5 overall. I am very happy with my performance at the British Youth Championship coming 11th overall, only 8 points away from 10th but I know what went wrong and how I can improve. I was especially happy with Hawkstone as sand used to be my weakest surface but this round showed the progression in my riding. I am proud I completed a wildcard at the MX nationals and raced with the big wheels, those boys are something else!

Next year I want to continue working hard with Ash and the RMJ academy to be able sit comfortably in the top 10 at nationals.

Thank you for all the help and support from the JMR Foundation. I am still so proud to ride #JMR101.”

Archie Butterfield

“I’ve had a great 2023 season, my first year on the 85SW.

I came into the year hoping for a top 15 overall position and came out with 4th in the Revo British Youth Motocross Championship and 5th in the Bridgestone British Masters.

The plan at the moment is to do another year on the SW and train hard over the winter.

Thank you to the JMR foundation for the support.”

Ryan Taylor

“It was good fun and a good experience my 1st year on 85 sw but  my pace was just not there.

I finished 12th overall in the Bridgestone British Masters.

Massive thanks to JMR foundation for the support.”